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Welcome to Tim Delivers Incontinence Products!

We offer very quick, FREE delivery from six distribution centers across the U.S., on all major brands and styles of adult and youth incontinence products.

Comprehensive Product Selection

Pull-on Briefs, Underwear Style Briefs, Tape-Tab or Diaper Style
Pull-on Briefs, Undewear Style Pull-on Brief
Absorbent, disposable and your choice of 16 styles!Great values on the best in disposable briefs - 24 styles!  
Belted Undergarments or Shields Underpads, Disposable & Washable
Belted Undergarments or Shields Disposable Underpads or Chux 
Your choice from Attends, Depend, Prevail or Tena.   Chux style in many sizes - washable too. Super prices! 
Liners, Pads, Pantyliners  Just For Men, Urinary Guards 
Liners, pads, pantyliners  Male urinary pads 
All style from all major manufacturers. Light to overnight!   Male urinary pads from Tena, Prevail, Attends and Depend! 
Washable Pants & Coverups Washcloths and Skin Cream 
Washable incontinence pants  Washcloths and skin cream 
Soft, absorbent washable pants and vinyl "cover ups"  Adult disposable washcloths and protective skin creams 
Disposable Gloves  Special Sizes - Youth & 2XL-3X Large
Disposable gloves  Youth size products 2XL and 3XL briefs and pull-ups 
Sterile & Non-Sterile Latex, Vinyl and Nitrate!Youth Size - 5 Syles to choose!2XL & 3XL Adult Sizes 

Brand Names at a fair and friendly price.

We feature only first grade, brand name products including Attends, Depend, Tena, Prevail, First Quality, HealthDri, Poise, Serenity and Kendall-Covidien's SureCare. All at competitive prices!

Discrete, To Your Door Delivery!

We sell in full case quantities, which in itself, offers built-in savings, convenience and a degree of discretion. No more going to your local retailer to pick up a pack or two of incontinence items and risk running into nosey neighbors. And what do you do when the weather is bad? In today's world, many of the major manufacturers make their incontinence products available in plain, non-descript case packs. This is what we use!

The Tim Delivers Difference, and Fair Warnings About Other Online Sites

We ship in FULL case quantities. Not smaller, promotional packs! No matter who you buy from, make sure to check the quantity in "their" case!

Tim Delivers a unique and free "Reminder Program". You'll find other sites that offer Automatic Shipment programs, and we know from experience that this type of program very rarely turns out well. There are just too many variances in weekly usage, and size and absorbency needs change over time.

Of course never do business with a company whose site isn't secure. We go to great lengths to secure ours, and we are "tested safe" daily!

Finally, whenever you buy online, take a good look at the shipping cost and methods before you make your purchasing decision. If they "hide" the fee until you check out, you may be in for a rude awakening. Also, if they are shipping half way across the country, be prepared to wait extra days for the order to arrive. Our shipping policies are straight forward, and can be quickly found from any page on our site.

Thanks for visiting, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or special needs.