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2XL and 3X-Large and Specialty Bariatric Products

We are pleased to offer these quality 2X and 3X-Large (2XL or Extra, Extra Large) disposable incontinence briefs (adult diapers) and disposable underwear from Attends, Prevail and Tena.

Tim's comments: This is a nice assortment of products, and each designed to fit a particular need.

Of note in the Diaper Style Briefs, The StretchFit Fit Brief by Prevail (SF-B) is called a large or long, but included here because it fits up to a 68" waist. The Tena Brief (61375) fits only up to a 64" waist, but is specially designed and custom cut for the pendulous (large) belly. The Tena is considered a true Bariatric brief. And that leaves us with 5 styles that fit 70" and above waist or hips - the Prevail PV017 (73"), the Attends BRB50 (70") and the Attends BREZ1090 that fits up to 90". New in December 2010 is the Tena models 61380 to fit up to 70" waist, and the 61385 to fit up a 95" waist! New, is the Prevail PV094 which stretches to fit a 100" waist!

In the Underwear Styles, the Per-Fit (PF514) and Super Plus (PVS514) by Prevail are extra large, and included here because they fit up to a 68" waist. Of course the Prevail Extra 2X (PV517) and the Attend AP0750 are perfect for anyone who needs a pull-on brief that fits up to an 80" waist.

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2XL, 3XL and BARIATRIC SIZED BRIEFS (With Tape Tabs / Diaper Style)

By Prevail
Bariatric A Prevail New Prevail StretchFit Briefs Prevail Premium Adult Disposable Briefs, 3XL
PV017, size 62 to 73" waist SF-B, size 49 to 70" waist PV094, size up to 100" waist
By Attends By Tena
Attends Breathable Disposable Briefs Attends Bariatric 3X-Large Briefs            Tena 2XL Adult briefs
BRB50, to fit up to 63 to 70" waist or hips DD60, size 70 to 100" waist or hips 61390, 2XL 64-70" waist
By Tena
  Tena 3XL Adult Briefs  
  61385, 3XL 64-95" waist  

2XL, 3XL and BARIATRIC SIZED UNDERWEAR (Pull-on / Pull-up Style)

By Prevail
Prevail 2XL Bariatric Disposable Underwear Prevail Per-Fit XL Adult Disposable Underwear
PV517, to fit up to 80" waist PF514, sized 58-68" waist
  By Attends
  Attends Underwear AP, Extra
  AP0750, to fit 68 to 80" waist