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Just for Men - Male Urinary Guards

Following is a list of products specially designed for Men's Urinary Incontinence Protection. All 4 are brand names, and all top quality. These are great for protecting your clothing due to urinary problems brought on by prostate surgery, medications, or age. Disposable.

One size fits all, and all feature wide-tape strip to help keep it in place and built in odor guard.

Tim's comments: Tena (Tena Male Guards #50600) and Attends (Attends Guards for Men #MG0400) have the best design (comfort and efficiency), and can be worn with confidence for extended periods. Both the Prevail (Prevail Men's Guards #PV811) and the Depend (Depend Guards for Men #19278) are of traditional design, with the "Best Buy" award going to Prevail based solely on price.


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By Tena By Prevail By Depend
Tena For Men Male Urinary Guards Prevail PV811 Male Urinary Guards Depend Guards for Men 
50600 Male Guards
Case of 120 pads, only $66.88 (includes delivery!)
PV811 Male Guards
Case of 126 pads, only $48.88 (includes delivery!)
13792 Male Guards
Case of 104 pads, only $48.88 (includes delivery!)
By Attends    
Attends Guards for Men MG0400    
MG0400 Guards for Men
Case of 64 pads, only $49.88 (includes delivery!)