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Youth Sized Products

We are pleased to offer these quality Youth Sized disposable incontinence briefs and disposable underwear from such names as Attends, Prevail and Tena.

Tim's comments: As you may know, it is not enough to make a small waist sized product and call it Youth. It must be engineered from the start to have a lower height profile, and the absorption target area needs to be positioned for the shorter trunk as well. The following products are exceptional.

In the Diaper style, the Attends youth brief is our largest seller by far. They are also the least expensive. Also of note is the Prevail youth brief. It's a great alternative when a smaller waist size is needed.

For the Underwear style, the "Sleep Overs" Underwear have that awkward time in childhood covered when mistakes can, and often do, happen. And address the worry about embarrassing bed-wetting during sleepovers. Designed primarily for children with nocturnal enuresis (night-time incontinence episodes) that is most common in children between the ages of 5 and 9 years old. 

The "Prevail Extra" is a step up in size, and is a hybrid between Youth and Small Adult size. This makes it a very nice alternative to extra small or petite adults as well as our youths.

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YOUTH SIZED BRIEFS (Tabbed, Diaper Style)

By Attends By Prevail By Tena
Attends Youth Incontinece Briefs Prevail Youth Size Disposable Briefs Tena Youth Sized Incontinence Brief
BRCL100, size 20 to 28" waist PV015, size 15 to 22" waist 61166, size 17 to 29" waist

YOUTH SIZED UNDERWEAR (Pull-on / Pull-up Style)

By Prevail
Prevail Sleep Over Childs Absorbent Briefs  Prevail Youth Sized Disposable Underwear Both great products!
 SLP05301 for 45 to 65 lbs and SLP05302, for 65 to 125 lbs PV511, EXTRA Absorbency, size 20-34" waist